Flaxseed Powder

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Benefit of Flaxseed Powder

- Flaxseed come loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, or good fats.

- It pack a whole lot of fiber and protein into a small serving. Fiber is important to a dog’s digestive health, while protein provides energy and keeps the immune system strong.

- Flaxseed also contain lignans, which can improve cardiovascular health and may help fight cancer. Anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseed can help ease symptoms of arthritis, lower blood pressure, improve kidney function, and maintain healthy skin and coat in dogs.

Feeding Guide

1/4 Teaspoon Per Day

10kg - 20kg
1/2 Teaspoon Per Day

21kg - 30kg
3/4 Teaspoon Per Day

1 Teaspoon Per Day

      Flaxseed Powder
              per bottle
                  Blink Pets Bakery
                  Shelf Life 6 months room temperature

                  Note: This product can be deliver to entire Malaysia

                  : Please contact us before purchase for international buyer

                  : No refund or exchange for this product after purchased

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