Dog Spray

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Dog Spray 狗狗毛发喷雾

Natural, non-toxic soothing Dog Spray for your itchy & sticky dog! Formulated with only pure essential oils blend ( Lavender + Eucalyptus + Tea Tree )essential oil to refreshing coat smells , relieve skin itch problems and to prevent fleas . Apply directly to hot spots, bites and other skin irritations,to help cool and soothe skin irritations . Spray on fur and legs 10 min before walk to prevent fleas, avoid face and eyes.
给常常在抓痒的毛宝贝---天然、无毒配方的狗狗舒缓喷雾!只使用天然复方精油配方制作 (薰衣草+茶树+尤加利)可改善毛发香气,舒缓皮肤瘙痒问题和防止跳蚤靠近。只需将喷雾直接喷在狗狗皮肤红痒、叮咬和其它皮肤刺激敏感处,以帮助镇静和舒缓皮肤刺激问题。出门前10分钟喷在宠物四肢、毛发上防止蚊虫靠近。避免喷射到脸部、眼睛。
*Use cautiously with puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs or pregnant dogs.不适合10个星期以下小狗,年老老狗 或 怀孕母狗。
* For dog only, not for use on cats. 猫咪不适用


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