Ashley Craig Rinse (Waterless Shampoo) - Show Salon Spa

RM155.00 MYR


* Massage onto coat and down to skin,
  then wipe with towel to lift dirt
* Repeat as needed
* Apply to face and around eyes with a damp towel
* Can be used beforehand followed by any RESTORE spray
* Will Brighten any color coat
* Can be diluted 2-1 to freshen or Ready to use for deeper soiling

CONTENTS include
* Aloe Vera
* Wheat Protein
* Coconut cleansers
* Rosemary Extracts

FREE from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
* Does not contain Bluing  or Alcohol Ingredients
* Cleans and Brightens Coats, Manes & Tails
* Spot cleans and deodorizes between baths
* Perfect for soiling mishaps after grooming
* Prevents tear stains
* Will not discolor or dry out coat and skin
* Will not create static or sticky build-up
* Reduces discoloration and stains
* Safe for all Ages, including whelping puppies
* Can be used on Humans, Dogs, Cats & Horses
* Available in 500ml (16oz.) or 4L (gallon) containers

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