Pet Bath Bomb

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PET BATH BOMB (Tea tree + Eucalyptus)
Pamper your pet with our Pet Bath Bomb! Pet Bath bombs will not only make your dog smell great, but they are rich with emollients that will keep her skin healthy and alleviate any dry skin or itching.
Our pet bath powder contains ingredients that promote natural healing, such as essential oils, herbs infused oil, coconut oils , and rock salt that improves a number of skin conditions such as itchy and dry skin.
我们的泡澡盐提供天然的疗愈成分,包括了纯天然精油 ,植物浸泡油,椰子油,天然矿石盐 可帮助改善干燥,瘙痒等皮肤问题。
Why mineral salt soak good for dog?
It helps flush out toxic, Eliminates odors, Keep skin healthy. And if dog suffers from rashes and itches a lot, a mineral salt soak has antiseptic properties that will treat the rashes and reduce the itchiness without any harmful effects.
How to use?
After shampoo. Dissolve 3-4 tablespoon (or more depend on water level )of our pet bath bomb salts in an average size bath of warm water,allow your dog to soak for around 5-10 minutes in the spa water .For best results and relaxation provide a little massage while bathing. Towel dry and done !
洗完澡后用。将3-4汤匙(或更多,视水量)宠物泡澡盐加入适量温水中,让你的狗狗泡大约5-10分钟。为了最佳效果和达到放松功用,可以在泡澡时为宠物按摩. 毛巾擦干即可。


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